directorate human resource acquisition

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the age requirement to join the SANDF?

18-22 years of age with Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
22-26 years of age with a Degree or a National Diploma

When will intakes take place?

During July and January every year.

How will they be selected?

D HR ACQ will look at the M-Scores (Grade 12 results) to see whether they meet the selection criteria and if they met the selection criteria they will be called up to attend the selection board.

Where will the training be done?

  • SA Army - Heidelberg, 3 SA Infantry Batallion in Kimberley and Infantry School in Oudtshoorn.
  • SA Air Force -  Air Force Hoedspruit, Langebaanweg (Pilots/Navigators).
  • SA Navy  -  Simons Town in Saldanha Bay.
  • SAMHS - SA Military Health Service Training Formation in Thaba Tswana.

Do new members pay to be trained as soldiers?

No, the SANDF trains you free of charge and you will be earning a salary while you undergo training.

Do applicants pay for the application forms to join the SANDF?

No, its free of charge.